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Getting together with the girls is always fun, and if one of you is getting married why not try a Belly Dancing Class? A bachelorette party is a good way to usher your friend into her married life, so make it fun and book a class. Read bout our Bachelorette Parties and Belly Dancing.

Belly Dance Performances

Private or corporate functions. Make your event come alive!But what about the early sacred Goddess rituals, I hear you ask. I actually don’t know. What really matters is what matters to you. If the dance is your sacred ritual to your Goddess then that is the truth of it. If it is your celebration of Arabic culture and tradition then that is the truth too! However I will say that true belly dance expression (not just a particular way of moving) lies in the passion of Arabic rhythm and the expression of those feelings. If you put belly dancing to different music, you can have a beautiful dance, but it no longer relates to the traditional dance. Nothing wrong with this so long as the difference is made clear.

The Desert Flowers School of Belly dance prides itself in professionalism in all aspects of the dance from presentation to performance. Our varied experience in performance, choreography and costuming ensure that we can tailor make a performance of sparkling elegance to suit your function.

As a result of a high standard of training the quality of our movement is unique and enchanting, our performance adding a classy and sophisticated touch to any function.

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