Belly dance and self esteem

If I had to tell you that you are a goddess, would you believe me? Would you believe that you are worthy of love and deserve only the best life has to offer? If your answer is yes, then congratulations, you are in touch with your inner goddess. If your answer is no, it’s ok I have been there too. I know how it feels to not see your beauty and we are not alone. I see this epidemic daily, with media teaching us to hate ourselves unless we look like photo shopped models. It took me a long time to start loving myself and honouring the goddess within me. I took the first step the day I walked into a belly dance studio.

My motivation was not to become a renowned belly dancer or even to show myself kindness. It is another ploy to get approval. Regardless of my motivation, I have never been the same women I was when I started belly dancing. At first I was despondent because my teacher was so good and I was still learning. After a few weeks I had the basics of belly dance down and I started smiling when I watched myself dance. Before long, I started being amazed at what my body could do. By then I had slowly, secretly fallen in love with myself and there was no turning back. Almost 10 year later, and I am best friends with my goddess.

As a belly dance teacher, my main goal is to teach you to find the goddess and love her. My satisfaction comes from seeing women gain confidence and knowing that whether they continue to dance or not, they have something they will never let go of- an appreciation and love for themselves

Take time to honour the goddess every day

Give in to luxury. Take that bubble bath, buy yourself a new pair of boots or enjoy a choc-fudge Sunday. Fill your life with things that make you happy. You are sacred and holy. You deserve to take exquisite care of yourself every single day. You might be thinking that it is difficult with a full time job, children and other responsibilities and I am saying that it is a necessity to take care of yourself. If you are unhappy or unfulfilled it is impossible to give your best to your family and your occupation. Send hubby to watch a movie with the kids while your curl up with a book and a glass of wine or book a pedicure during your lunch hour. Once you start taking care of yourself, you will be filled with creative energy and joy which you can dedicate to your loved ones.

Another important ritual is meditation. There are various difference meditations which you can employ, what is important is the creation of peace and quiet in your daily life. Meditation in the morning works best for me. I feel calm and at ease for the rest of the day

Learn to put yourself first

If you are overwhelmed at work, do not take on more responsibility. If you need some time for a hobby (like belly dancing), tell the people you love that during that time you will be unavailable. Learn to say no and to stand up for yourself

Slow down and respect your rhythms

The modern age is so fast paced; it is as if we are living life on fast-forward. Instant gratification is the name of the game. Between meetings, school functions and catering to hubby’s poker club, it is near impossible to not have a nervous breakdown. Women were made with cycles. Cycles to create, cycles to rest and cycles to destroy. Listen to your body, spend more time in nature relaxing and less time engulfed in this modern machine. The stress is killing us (as many researchers have shown). By respecting our cycles we are honouring the goddess within

Listen to your intuition

It is no secret that women have stronger intuitive forces than men. This is largely due to the fact that women trade in information, it is our currency. Our bodies and minds are trained to pick up slight body language ques normally missed and to process this information into what we know as a gut feeling. These feelings are surprisingly accurate. But we do not trust ourselves, we do not believe that we know what is best for us. The goddess knows and she will always try to show you the way. Become quiet, meditate daily and respect your inner voice. You will be amazed at what you know you know!

Embrace the sensations and live a life of sensuality

Take a moment to really enjoy your coffee in the morning, listen to music that stirs something within you and wear perfume that transports you to another place. When you eat chocolate, relish every mouthful, allow your eyes to close and your pulse to quicken.