2016 Year End Function Ideas -
Belly Dance Performance

It’s that time of year where rewards for hard work are given and the successes of a difficult year are celebrated. A year-end function is also the one day that is looked forward to as a way to relax and enjoy an occasion with colleagues and blow off a little steam. 2016 seems to have been a difficult year for many, and a year-end function that will entertain and be remembered is just the thing to lift spirits for that last stretch before everyone goes on their festive season break. Let’s be honest, it’s usually the same group of volunteers that comes up with ideas and puts the year-end function together. This can’t be a tall order, because there is pressure to make sure it is fun and entertaining, that it’s not the same as a previous year-end function and there is a desire to pull off an event that will be talked about for a long time after. A belly-dancing performance for your year-end function is just the thing.

Belly Dancing performance for a year end function

A belly-dancing performance as part of your year-end function, will wow the crowds. Our belly-dancers will engage their audience with a skilled belly dancing performance and delightful costumes. Our performance is not limited to a stage at the front of the hall, but can be arranged to suit the venue and lay-out of the function tables. All we need is room to move. With this in mind, a belly-dancing performance as a year-end function is more a feast for the eyes because each shimmy and spangle can be seen close-up. If you work in an office of all ladies, you can turn your year-end function into a private belly- dancing class. Of course, you will still have your usual food and drinks but the belly- dancing performance and subsequent lesson will add a fun element to the day and might even start a new trend in your office. It really is something anyone can do.

Please Call Angela on 083 268 2843 if you are interested in a Belly Dancing performance for your year end function.

2016 End of year function belly dance performance